Details of Fordbridge Town Council

About the Council

Town and Parish Councils were established over 100 years ago as the first tier of Local Government providing local services and facilities paid for and controlled by local people. Town and Parish Councils are widely acknowledged to be closer to their electorate than any other level of Local Government.

Fordbridge Town Council was established in 1970 by Warwickshire County Council and its services and facilities are an essential part of the day to day life of Fordbridge.

Fordbridge Town Council is elected by the people of Fordbridge and exists primarily for the benefit of the people of Fordbridge. The Council is only allowed to provide services and facilities which will benefit the people of Fordbridge. The Council also acts as a voice on behalf of the local community by campaigning to obtain better services and facilities from other authorities.

The Council's most prestigious asset is the Fordbridge Centre which is situated in Nineacres Drive. This modern community centre is partly subsidised by the Town Council to make it affordable for local groups. The Centre is available for hire by local people for private functions and is used as a base for a number of local organisations. More information about the Centre can be found elsewhere on this site.

The Council also provides a number of services and events including a free Fun Day for the local community each summer. This features a number of attractions mainly for younger residents although it is enjoyed by young and old and the activities are all free of charge.

The Council also hosts a Christmas Carol Concert with local youngsters singing modern and traditional carols and also the Chairman switches on the Christmas tree lights at the Fordbridge Centre and everybody enjoys a mince pie, mulled wine or soft drinks.

A garden competition is organised to promote pride in Fordbridge and to showcase the many wonderful gardens in Fordbridge and its dedicated gardeners. A number of prizes and trophies are awarded at a presentation evening.

Each year the Chairman of the Council hosts an event to raise funds for charity and offer an opportunity to bring the local community together. This is one of the overriding principles for the Council and these events to bring together the local community and also support and celebrate the people of Fordbridge.

The Council also provides free milk to infant school children at the two primary schools in Fordbridge and offers grants to local voluntary groups that satisfy its criteria. For more details and also to find out more about the work of the Council please do not hesitate to contact the Clerk to the Council.

The decisions which affect the people of Fordbridge are made at Council meetings. These meetings are open to the public, and the Council offers a very warm welcome to all visitors. A period of time near the start of the meeting is set aside for members of the public to make comments or ask questions if they wish.

The Council has two committees which consider issues within each of its areas of responsibility. The Finance and General Purposes Committee considers the Council's budget and spending decisions, management of the Council's assets and staff and the Council's administration and policy. The Environment, Health and Recreation Committee considers the community issues affecting the parish of Fordbridge and the Council's environment and recreation services. The Town Council meetings approve the decisions taken by the Committees and makes any decisions required by law. Town Council meetings also make any urgent or important decisions and those which affect the Council as a whole.